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2022 BMW i8 Rumor Will Be Replaced by Vision M Next

2022 BMW i8 Rumor Will Be Replaced by Vision M Next

2022 BMW i8 Rumor Will Be Replaced by Vision M Next – BMW has just introduced its latest version of the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car for 2019, which means that the car will soon need to think about a successor. Apparently BMW will not introduce another generation of i8 but will instead go with a more interesting offer based on the recently revealed M Next Vision concept car.

In an interview with a car sales published Wednesday, the head of BMW’s R&D Klaus Froelich confirms that the i3 and i8 will not spawn a direct substitute. He pointed out that the role of the i3 would be filled by the upcoming I4 sedan, whereas i8 would be replaced by the BMW M offering based on the next M vision.

2022 BMW i8 Rumor Will Be Replaced by Vision M Next

2022 BMW i8 Rumor Will Be Replaced by Vision M Next
2022 BMW i8 Rumor Will Be Replaced by Vision M Next


2022 BMW i8 Concept

Froelich has shown twice in the past that incorporates i8 ‘s aluminum and basic carbon fibers with a powerful powertrain make a lot of sense, and that is exactly what we get with the next M vision.

The striking concept of removing i8 ‘s inline-3 and one electric motor for inline-4 and twin electric motors. The combination claimed by BMW to deliver 600 horsepower, or enough to 0-62 mph acceleration in 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph.

In an interview with a car sale, Froelich pointed out that BMW saw the battery-electric sports car but decided to fight it as the battery would make the car too heavy. He said an electric sports car would weigh about 4,850 kilograms, which means it could do well in the test but the bad acceleration in the racetrack.

2022 BMW i8 Hybrid Powertrain

By going with the plug-in Hybrid powertrain, BMW will be able to maintain the weight to a more sensible level. The targeted car weighs 3,750 pounds for the next M vision concept but it actually comes in much lower, according to Froelich.

As i8 has just been updated, we will probably see a new sports car introduced around 2022-2023. The arrival is expected to mark the arrival of electrical powertrains at BMW M.

BMW will cease production from the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car in April 2020. This information is somewhat hidden in the press release of the carmaker on the new special model for i8 and all-electric i3.

The Company writes: “The Ultimate Sophisto Edition will escort the world’s most successful plug-in hybrid sports car since it launched in 2014 to straight finishing; I8 ‘s production will end, as scheduled, in April 2020. “However, BMW does not comment on possible successors.

Rumour has that new i8 will come to market at 2022 – so there is a threat from the production break almost two years. It will continue to be a hybrid plug-in, but with a more robust engine. The electric motor will be upgraded to 150 kW and a combustion engine for 250 kW.

According to a report in the German media in early August, however, the i8M electric full of 500 kW was said to have been canceled – switching to battery-electric drive would result in costly conversions.

Special Model i8, limited to 200 units (available as Coupé and Roadster), equipped with a special paint finishing, and, for the first time, the accent will be in the color “E-Copper “. 20-inch bi-color alloy Wheels-Black and E-Copper-are were also new for this particular model. In addition, I8 ‘s backlight is now made of clear glass.

The I3s in RoadStyle Edition also has a 20-inch rim but in a typical narrow version of the i3. Here, too, accents are painted in E-copper (inserts from double kidney, air control elements in front aprons and accents of side skirt surfaces), while the rest of the car is painted in “Fluid Black “. The interior of the i3 ‘s “Limited edition ” is less than 1,000 units based on the “Suite ” equipment, but extended here by the special natural skin finish and the instrument panels in the “dark Matt Oak “.

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