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New 2021 BMW C 650 GT Model, Price, Colors

New 2021 BMW C 650 GT Model, Price, Colors

New 2021 BMW C 650 GT Model, Price, Colors – The 2021 BMW C 650 GT style and efficient silhouette emphasize elegant characters. A comprehensive seating, comfortable armchair, and high windshield allow you to cover remotely in comfort, regardless of the weather. In addition, the large storage compartment ensures you can easily save your shopping, luggage or up to two helmets.

The C 650 GT is available in three attractive color options: Hockenheim Silver Metallic, Black and metallic Storm option 719 Sparkling Storm Metallic.

New 2021 BMW C 650 GT Model, Price, Colors

New 2021 BMW C 650 GT Model, Price, Colors
New 2021 BMW C 650 GT Model, Price, Colors


BMW C 650 GT Features

The C 650 GT features a distinctive and modern backside with an attractive look. Details such as the logo “GT ” sewn in the chair and handlebar cover with a high gloss center section and chrome highlights emphasize the very sophisticated and exclusive character of the C 650 GT. The higher mirror vibrates less and provides a rearview that better.

BMW C 650 GT Engine

The dynamic and powerful water-cooled in-line Twin-cylinder engine that delivers 46 lb-ft torque, 60 HP and a maximum speed of over 112 mph makes a nimble vehicle scooter for the city and a strong companion for the long journey.

Thanks to the redesigned clutch and CVT, scooters now accelerate faster at lower speeds, such as in traffic lights.
The C 650 GT has a polished exhaust system made of high-quality stainless steel. It looks very striking, much lighter than its predecessor and has lower levels of emissions and noise. In addition, it delivers a fuller and more powerful sound.

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You can now ride in additional comfort thanks to the adjustable electric windshield and optional accessories such as heated Grip and seat. The scooter also features the largest storage compartment in its class, seamlessly integrated into a stretched silhouette.

In addition to the ABS (anti-lock braking system), the fully-fledged ASC (Automatic Stability Control) is now standard for the C 650 GT. ASC enhances rider safety, especially when the road condition is unpredictable, through active intervention in System engine management when needed. This prevents the rear wheels from rotating when driving in the rain, for example.

BMW C 650 GT Chassis

The chassis and suspension setup of C 650 GT has been completely redesigned. The spring level of the front fork of the spring water and the back spring buffer has been reduced by 10 percent. This provides a more sensitive response to the vehicle without compromising its stability.

C 650 GT is even easier to raise. The kinematics of the main stand was redesigned, reducing the strength required for the scooter jacking by 30 percent.

2021 BMW C 650 GT Price Starting From $10,995

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