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2025 BMW M5 Hybrid: Redesign With More Power And A New Look

2025 BMW M5 Hybrid

BMW is testing a prototype for the redesigned M5, which will be the first signage to feature electrification in history.

It is expected to start sales in 2024, or about a year later than the redesigned Series 5 on which it was based. This points to her arrival as a 2025 model.

2025 BMW M5 Hybrid

2025 BMW M5 Hybrid
2025 BMW M5 Hybrid

Since the BMW M5 was launched in 1998, it has always been determined by its dynamic drive and powerful engine.

It started with a straight six-engine and continued with the V-8 or V-10, but no matter what, it always had a lot of power under the hood.

The most potent version is the current generation M5, with no less than 591 horses from the brutal V-8.

At the front, the M5 is distinguished by a redesigned bumper with more oversized intakes and a large-sized kidney grille.

The model will likely get a prominent hood, while the aggressive headlights widening towards the front fenders have not been equipped with production-spec LED graphics.

The prototype has wider front and rear fenders that cover wider tracks, side-sill extensions, plus black five-bar wheels that hide large-diameter perforated disc brakes.

It sits closer to the ground thanks to the version’s unique settings for the adaptive suspension. On the back, a lip spoiler and a quad exhaust pipe have always been a clear hint of a full-blown M model.

These characteristics seem to carry over despite the electrification, at least for the last generation before each BMW model becomes an EV.

Interestingly, the prototype was sophisticated enough to see a tilt in the hood pointing back from the center of the grille, a design first seen on the M3/M4 duo.

2025 BMW M5 Interior

Interior shots revealed a thick-framed steering wheel and floating screens for instrument clusters and infotainment, a design first featured on the iX and slowly got into more BMW.

Also, do not miss the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” sticker confirming the electric powertrain. A possible bet is that the electrified V-8 powertrain was recently previewed on BMW’s XM Concept and is destined to appear in production XM later this year. A prototype video reveals the V-8’s signature growl.

2025 BMW M5 Exterior
2025 BMW M5 Exterior

2025 BMW M5 Powertrain

The model may use the same powertrain as the upcoming BMW XM. This means it can get a twin-turbo V8 and an electric motor, which inside the SUV produces a combined 750 hp (559 kW / 760 PS) and 737 lb-ft (999 Nm) of torque.

If that were the case, it would significantly improve the 627 hp (468 kW / 636 PS) of the current non-hybrid BMW M5 CS launched in 2021 as the most potent M5.

In addition to the hybrid M5, the fully electric i5 M is rumored to have a tri-motor powertrain and a higher output of close to 800 hp (597 kW / 811 PS).

The Concept XM Powertrain is a plug-in hybrid setup that integrates the newly developed twin-turbocharged V-8 as an internal combustion component, with a claimed peak output of 750 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque.

Expect the same numbers for this XM and M5 production. The M5 currently excels with 627 hp under the guise of CS.

The redesigned M5 will also be the first in nameplate history with a second powertrain option, specifically a battery-electric setup.

The powertrain reportedly comes with a three-motor setup that produces more than 1,000 hp, which will help the M5 compete with super-electric sedans like the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance.

Should the electric M5 be launched, it’s unclear if it will arrive with the hybrid. An electric version of the redesigned 5-Series is sure to come.

2025 BMW M5 Release Date

The BMW 5-Series is expected to debut in mid-2023 with a full-electric variant called the BMW i5.

As for the flagship performance of the M5, it is rumored to debut in 2024, as BMW’s performance models usually arrive six months after the normal range.

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