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New 2021 BMW G 310 R Colors, Price

New 2021 BMW G 310 R Colors, Price

New 2021 BMW G 310 R Colors, Price – BMW G 310 R Built for throbbing cities and those who just love riding motorcycles. It can be maneuverable, easy to handle, and sporty at the same time. Regardless of your height, you’ll soon feel at home using the BMW G 310 R.

The motor is lightweight, but a real power plant with its 313 cc engine. Get to work, the next hot spot, or get out of town safely and reliably on G 310 R. Premium quality, excellent craftsmanship, and exceptional technology ensure intense driving pleasure.

New 2021 BMW G 310 R Colors, Price

New 2021 BMW G 310 R Colors, Price
New 2021 BMW G 310 R Colors, Price

2021 BMW G 310 R is available in three interesting color options: Cosmic Black, Racing Red, and Pearl White Metallic.

Pearly White Metal
Accent graphics stand out in BMW motorsport colors, white, blue, and red, creating a sporty look, exclusive to Pearl White Metallic.

Red Race
The G 310 R is red with a dark contrast surface looking modern and sporty.

Cosmic Black
The black base color with white accents highlights a dynamic modern design.

The tinge clearly runs in the family – the G 310 R clearly carries the S 1000 R. Fairing genes sporty headlights with strong headlights, dynamic fuel tank trim, and typical roadster proportions turning them into eye-catchers on the road. The G 310 R is light and powerful. Sporty seats emphasize the dynamics of the roadster and give the motor an unerring the wrong motorsport look. Gold anodized forks and brake calipers emphasize machining.

Another highlight is the detailed aluminum swingarm. The design ensures lightness and struts offer stability. Wide tire grip to the road – providing confident riding pleasure.

2021 BMW G 310 R Engine

G 310 R did not finish second. A single-cylinder, 313 cc engine, and various features help ensure this. The rear tilt of the cylinder coupled with the rotating cylinder head 180° lowers the center of gravity and shifts it towards the front wheel. Therefore, the G 310 R is more agile and easier to control.

2021 BMW G 310 R Review

2021 BMW G 310 R Review
2021 BMW G 310 R Review

Lower and longer swinging arms ensure better stability, without the need to increase the distance of the wheel axis. Ride confidence with the ABS, a standard feature on all BMW motorcycles since 2013. Kedausan, powerful drive, and less than 350 lbs. Fully fueled, the G 310 R is a motorcycle that you can enjoy easily driving.

Ride stress-free and relax on the streets with G 310 R. Even in the hustle and bustle of a big city, you’ll ride with confidence thanks to the successful layout of all the control elements.

The handlebar layout, footring, and ergonomic control elements ensure a great driving sensation. On any surface, geometry, and spring rate make it an agile city hopper. Either ride heavy city traffic, commute to work or just get out of town on weekends, with the G 310 R you want to ride!

The G 310 R offers the right seat for riders, ensuring your stability on the bike. In addition to the standard seat of only 30.9″, the other two heights are available as additional options: the lower seat at 30.3″, and the higher seat at 31.5″.

2021 BMW G 310 R Price Starting From $4,945.

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