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New 2021 BMW K 1600 GT Rumors, Specs, Price

New 2021 BMW K 1600 GT Rumors, Specs, Price

New 2021 BMW K 1600 GT Rumors, Specs, Price – The BMW K 1600 GT moved to the seventh year of production in 2017 with a fresh rebuild that the Bayerische brought right into MY2020. A six-cylinder engine puts in the Power-tourer category both in torque and horsepower columns for solid performance even though not – not heft enough.

Built for the tour, it strikes a balance between storage and aesthetics for a kind of “Euro-Bagger ” See that compares well with the new Honda-tastic gold mines because both leave from above cases for their fully clad, Top-shelf models. This Bavarian bruiser brings a dark-and-magnificent stance to the table with the performance to back upwards.

New 2021 BMW K 1600 GT Rumors, Specs, Price

New 2021 BMW K 1600 GT Rumors, Specs, Price
New 2021 BMW K 1600 GT Rumors, Specs, Price

2021 BMW K 1600 GT Features

While the 2021 BMW K 1600 GT will probably feature some style sports-tourer Euro elements in its design, its low-and-wide attitude, and the overall plumper is pointed towards the Boulevard Bruiser/Bagger region with an almost American style of mass sense.

At 771 pounds wet (Sans case), weight is not only of a kind of visual but surely the poundage as well spent as the newly redesigned front fairing, Cowl, and electrically-adjustable, vented windshield blowhole in the weather to form a generous rider’s pocket.

This is what the world looks like from a saddle of K 1600 GT: On the move, getting impressions, experiencing new things while on a relaxed, yet dynamic and fun ride. The 6-cylinder in-line engine is already regarded as an icon with power delivery and smooth running and now offers you more dynamics and convenience tours.

Thanks to wind equipment and weather protection, this bike is always ready for a long-distance tour when you are. When riding the K 1600 GT, you leave a considerable impression regardless of whether you are in a hang or move.

New 2021 BMW K 1600 GT Rumors, Specs, Price

The BMW K 1600 GT is also included in the design: The Duolever front suspension, xenon lamp with optional adaptive lights, powerful 6-cylinder engine, and frame making this high-quality motorcycle stand out. An athletic and sharp front and a side view to ensuring a sporty, sleek appearance. The 6-in-2 of The engine reflects the potential of 6 cylinders both visually and acoustically.

The outstanding appearance of the K 1600 GT is backed by high-quality paint finishes: from exclusively discreet to sportily dynamic. You decide what suits you.

Xenon low beam and high beam halogen divide the night from their niches behind the wide one section cover. Inside the fairing, the large analog clock displays speed with a smaller analog display for tach and a 5.7 inches TFT display for everything else.

Not only has the fairing been redesigned to provide more protection and comfort, but it now includes a small storage compartment in the Legguard area on both sides of the bike, so you can store your possibles in locked, waterproof compartments.

Talking about security; The windshield Motor comes with a memory feature that allows reverting to the previous settings. This is important because when turned off, the screen will drop itself into its bottom position to help keep your navigation system — now the standard equipment — from growing feet while you’re away from your sleigh.

I’ll tell you one thing; The factory did not play around when factoring in the fuel tank. The seventh-gallon bladder is no joke, and when you consider the average mileage of claimed 41 MPG you get close to a range of 300 miles on one tank and that’s some serious stamina, definitely more than my butt could handle in a stretch.

2021 BMW K 1600 GT Review

2021 BMW K 1600 GT Review
2021 BMW K 1600 GT Review

The standard seat height comes with a choice between 32 and 32.6 inches high with a lower option available in the catalog of accessories to include a 29.5-inch single seat if you want to get that slammed look and help keep a low-center-of-gravity down where it belongs.

2021 BMW K 1600 GT Engine

The legendary six-cylinder engine in line turns each journey into pure enjoyment. Thanks to the extremely smooth acceleration and power delivery, the dynamic performance is unmatched. 160 HP and 129 lb-ft torque give a boost of effort. The smallest movement of the throttle results in direct response while providing the superior control and handling.

The cold bridge-type alloy frame forms the main structure with extruded-aluminum members to form subframe support and complete lightweight frameworks.

The suspension components are not standard rates; Beemer used a rather odd, Duolever front suspension system that leverages coil-over shocks to tame the front-wheel movement with the Paralever system to support one-sided Swingarm.

Electronic suspension control provides automatic damping control as part of a standard equipment package and comes with two separate performance profiles for you to choose from so you can dial in the nuances and responses you want, even in the corners.

As for the cornering itself, the 27.8-degree steering head and 4.2 inches of the trail work with low-center-of-gravity to make it stable on the straight but pretty exciting path in the corner, more like a Goldwing, less like an Electra Glide.

The electronic goodness continues into the brakes with Hill-Start Control, added as standard for 2019, and angular-sensitive ABS on board to help manage braking efforts and preserve patch contact integrity, even when sharing available traction between cornering and braking.

The Dual, 320-mm disc and four-piston anchors dragged to the front wheels with the same size of the disc and Twin-spot caliper came out back, and I don’t need to tell you that an amazingly large rear disc with a lot of power stops, but the ABS should allow you to safely use as much of the condition will bear.

Symmetrical, 17-inch wheels Mount ZR-Rated tires with 120/70 lead the way in front of a 190/55, so yes, obstacles can go way faster than you could ever get away with here in the US.

For 80 years now, Beemer has run a six-Banger engine in the bike, and this new generation of machines is a doozy. It runs 72 mm bore and 67.5 mm stroke for a total displacement of 1,649 ccs and sizzle ‘ heat, 12.2-to-1 compression ratio.

Dual Over-head Cams 24-valve head time with Shim-and-ember (not my favorite style) system adjustments. Induction control drops to 52 mm throttle body with input from ECU based on combination factor including rider input via Ride-by-Wire control, level of traction control intervention and riding mode arrangement are all washed through new engine mapping filters.

2021 BMW K 1600 GT Price

You can print Base-model K 1600 GT starting from $24,045. Newly added for 2021 is a stylish sports package for $550 more that includes a drivetrain blackout, and a windshield feature on Black Storm Metallic/Glacier Silver Metallic Colorway.

The factory also offers safety packages for other $800 that add a tire monitor and adaptive lights that are “visible ” in front of the corners into the mix. Luxe Select package brings top-shelf gear to the table with helpful Gear-Shift, security features, and Infotainment system above all-the-above for another $3,500.

So, Honda recently rebuilt its Goldwing base as a Bagger, and I think it is the ideal competitor for this beemer. Although F6B got an honorable mention, it just got too many Boulevard in it and not quite a superlab.

The GW brings itself much as usual with a classy/tasteful finish that showcases both the planned-Out streams and graces that belies its size in much the same manner of handling is not. An adjustable electric windshield gives GW a customized pocket rider similar to his partner with a hardback bag for some cargo capacity.

Like Beemer, Honda chose to leave the upper case for a full cabinet, so GW strikes a somewhat Boulevard-bruiser-tastic pose that takes the tip of the grandfather-bike from the flagship Honda Tourbike. Too bad it doesn’t do the same thing with the powerplant. The Honda Flat-six hits the mark with a 125 pound-foot torque that almost matches the Beemer, but down the horse dramatically with only 126 ponies on tap against the GT whopping 160 horsepower.

Honda Gold Wing vs BMW K1600GT

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