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New 2021 BMW R 1250 GS USA Price, Specs

New 2021 BMW R 1250 GS USA Price, Specs

New 2021 BMW R 1250 GS USA Price, Specs – The BMW R 1250 GS concentrated performance fulfills impressive efficiency. With the BMW R 1250 GS, You will experience Boxer even more instantly. Improved displacement of the engine brings you even more performance-pumping out 136 HP and 105 lb-ft torque.

BMW ShiftCam Variable Camshaft control system ensures consistent power delivery-throughout the Powerband. Whether in the city, on the highway, or off-Road, every mile gives you more freedom and pleasure riding. Styles and colors, various technical details, and an exciting individualization option combine to bring you the BMW R 1250 GS.

New 2021 BMW R 1250 GS USA Price, Specs

New 2021 BMW R 1250 GS USA Price, Specs
New 2021 BMW R 1250 GS USA Price, Specs


BMW R 1250 GS Engine

Twin-cylinder Boxer engines from R 1250 GS enchant in true diversity from the first moment. The character is clear-whatever the journey. It offers improved performance and seamlessly runs at low speeds at the same time.

Give you greater control in every riding situation, giving you strength whenever you need it. More power, more torque, and improved fuel efficiency. The strong performance with fewer tooth changes gives you more control.

The 6.5-inch TFT color display shows information such as speed and rpm, navigation, phone, media, and more. When the darkness is set or when riding through tunnels, the lighting intensity and color of the screen are automatically adjusted. Even in the strong sunlight, all information is easy to read.

The standard Hill Start Control makes starting on the slopes easier. With a quick and firm pull of the hand brake lever, the rear brake can be easily applied without having to tread the foot brake or hold the hand brake. When driving, the brakes are automatically released.

BMW MOTORRAD Spezial offers mainly design-defines a wrap billet for R 1250 GS as spring 2019, personalizing your motorbike from the valve cover and lever to the oil filler plugs.

The HP billet Pack underscores the sporty character of the machine with gilled aluminum components that have striking blue accents. The classic Option 719 billet Pack combines stylish silver accents with high-quality components. Expect to see the style everywhere you look.

Both in low light and high beam lighting, the lighting is wider and more consistent than conventional lamps. Also, the light is whiter, making the contour clearer and significantly improving passive security.

Available DBC supports you in emergency braking by overcoming the unconscious throttle actuation in a challenging riding scenario. Intervention system to reduce engine torque, and improve the braking force. Results are safer through the use of the best possible braking capacity to stabilize your bike and shorten downtime.

Connect your smartphone to your bike via Bluetooth. The 6.5-inch TFT display provides extensive information about your motorcycle and offers additional features such as navigation, music, and connectivity through your smartphone.

2021 BMW R 1250 GS Review

2021 BMW R 1250 GS Review
2021 BMW R 1250 GS Review

New 2021 BMW R 1250 GS USA Price, Specs

Available Next-gen Dynamic ESA ensures more stability and therefore even safer rose characteristics. The system automatically adjusts the damping and preload of the spring from the struts depending on the driving conditions and the load of your bike, and offers the highest level of comfort and traction on various surfaces, while cornering.

BMW R 1250 GS Features

Ride mode Pro adds ABS Pro, ENDURO ABS, DTC, Dynamic mode, Dynamic, Pro mode, ENDURO mode, and ENDURO Pro modes as well as these additional features: Hill Start Control Pro with automatic brake activation selectable in hills and Dynamic Brake Control.

The Exclusive Style Package combines Black Storm Metallic with Black matte paint at night. A black powertrain and handlebars, a gray frame, and a gold-colored brake caliper compliment the stylish appearance.

The HP Style pack includes front-wheel extension covers, radiator protection, frame protection, gold cross speaking wheels, rally seats, and a glass rally-as well as BMW Motorsport colors.

Gear Shift Assist Pro is a feature known and loved by racers, so riders can climb and descend without pulling the clutch lever. This means that you always have a firm handlebar in your hand while reducing the time-shifting and reducing the impact of changing the load on the rear wheels.

2021 BMW R 1250 GS USA Price Starting From $17,895

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