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New 2022 BMW X5 I Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

New 2022 BMW X5 I Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

New 2022 BMW X5 I Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept – This new concept is a preview of a small series of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for BMW X5 planned for 2022. I was next visually aligned with the BMW X5 G05 and decorated with some design elements from BMW iX3.

In the front, blue accents in the kidney hint at different types of powertrains, whereas the rear diffuser elements replace conventional tailpipes. The shape and color of this pattern form a dynamic flow on the front end and the sides of the body from white minerals. The detailing on light-alloy wheels provide further confirmation of the model’s BMW gene.

New 2022 BMW X5 I Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

New 2022 BMW X5 I Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept
New 2022 BMW X5 I Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

The X5 has modifications to help it fit the efficient-mobility of BMW’s ‘ I ‘ Sub-brand, including the blue BMW pattern I for the hood, the different air intake and wheel light alloys, and the BMW I Blue rear diffuser that removes the exhaust and “highlights that Car drive system produces zero local emissions. “

BMW has not commented specifically on the longer drivetrain implemented in BMW I next hydrogen, but one thing is clear: hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is the result of cooperation with Toyota.

The two companies have been working together since 2013 and jointly developed the fuel cell drive. While Toyota has lowered its production vehicle by Mirai, BMW aims for a larger vehicle.

2022 BMW X5 Performances

BMW has quite a number of experiences with hydrogen storage as it built a BMW 7 series flagship version of 2005-2007, called Hydrogen 7, with a hydrogen-powered V-12 internal combustion engine. The carmaker has also tested a prototype fleet of BMW’s 5-Series GT fuel cell vehicle since 2015.

The small Volume of BMW X5 with fuel cells announced for 2022 will not be available for sale but will be provided to customers selected by the BMW Group. Depending on the hydrogen conditions and actual demand, BMW plans to offer vehicles with fuel cells for regular sales in the early years of 2025.

The BMW Group sees hydrogen fuel cells as an essential addition to various vehicles with electrical propulsion. The power of fuel cells is located right in the vehicle segment, which offers a large amount of space and is often used on long-haul routes.

A piece of video information in Frankfurt shows a stand indicating two-cylinder hydrogen tanks – one oriented longitudinally, down the middle of the vehicle, and another oriented wide-discreet under the rear seat area.

The refueling time for the upcoming vehicle, expected to use the standard pressure of the MPa 70 at the moment, will be under four minutes.

New hydrogen BMW has not been confirmed for the US, although it will most likely be tested in California, where there is an established network of hydrogen stations-recently disturbed yet.

BMW does not lose itself in its hype, and the press release includes some pragmatic checks on the importance of hydrogen infrastructure, which says in most countries still “in the early stages of development. ” Time for this product, emphasize, “very Depending on market needs and overall conditions. “

Hydrogen tanks can be filled like conventional fuel tanks in just a few minutes and give the vehicle a long-range regardless of the outside temperature.

Three years ago, we spent some time driving a 5 Series GT Fuel Cell hydrogen, so we expect BMW to offer some new rides before BMW X5 hydrogen comes to market.

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