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2021 BMW M2 Specs, Pricing, New Features

2021 BMW M2 Specs, Pricing, New Features

2021 BMW M2 Specs, Pricing, New Features – 2021 BMW m2 CS is a higher performance, limited edition version of M2. Unveiled at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, the M2 CS follows the footsteps of the M4 CS. A beefed-up version of the M2 Competition, M2 CS boasts revised aerodynamic features, exclusive items in the cab, the same engine as the M4 CS.

Although not quite as strong As the M4 CS, the turbocharged inline-six machine packs as much durability as the M4 competition package, rated at 444 horsepower. This makes it the most powerful model 2 series ever created. Not only the fastest 2 series ever, but it’s also faster than the M4 and just a little slower than the M4 CS. Let’s find out more about it in the reviews below.

2021 BMW M2 Specs, Pricing, New Features

2021 BMW M2 Specs, Pricing, New Features
2021 BMW M2 Specs, Pricing, New Features


2021 BMW M2 Specs, Pricing, New Features

The front fascia is virtually identical, sporting the same black kidney Grille, sharp trim for side bumper ventilation, and a trapezoidal center intake. What sets it apart? Only the carbon fiber is reinforced plastic Splitter at the bottom. Designed as a natural extension of aprons, splitters also extend to the sides thanks to several integrated films. This device helps optimize airflow under the car. The hood also features functional air vents in the center that help increase front downforce and cooling of the Engine. The hood is also made of CFRP, which means it weighs a half weight steel panel.

Upgrades are just as difficult to spot to the side. Apart from the mirror caps made of CFRP and the new wheels, M2 CS is identical to the M2 Competition. The rims, designed specifically for this model, come in 19-inch size and feature-speaking design features Y. The rim is finished in high-gloss Jet Black as standard, but you can choose to see the matte gold if you pay extra.

Top enhancing the appearance of the car, it also helps lower the gravity car center to increase agility. The roof is made of rigid construction, such as sandwiches, so it does not require any arc components or insulation such as standard roofing.

But what about the back? Is the back of CS so different? Not very. The “CS ” badge adds the only larger deck cover spoiler made from CFRP and the diffuser from the same lighter material. Both elements increase the downforce. The exhaust pipe features a carved M logo, but you won’t see that unless you look close enough.

Finally, the color palette for this car will be limited to only four colors. Unfortunately enough, BMW does not offer exclusive paints, just a choice of colors you can already get with other models. You can book M2 CS at Alpine White, Misano Blue Metallic, Black Sapphire Metallic or Hockenheim Silver Metallic.

The first new feature that catches the eye is the carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic center consoles. Storing more than six pounds compared to conventional transmission tunnels, this feature delivers CS m2-inspired display races. The same goes for the closed center of Alcantara armrests and Trim dashboards, which also includes embroidery “CS ” badges in red stitches.

The M Sport steering wheel, which comes standard, is also wrapped in Alcantara with red contrast stitches and features a race line at 12 o’clock positions. You will find more CS m2 logos on the Sill door plate, as well as on the instrument cluster when you start the car.

Another feature that distinguishes CS from the M2 Competition standard is the front seat of a bolstered M. But instead of showing a full Alcantara seat like most of the inspired street car racing, the seat came wrapped in both Alcantara and black Merino skins. Just like the dash and steering, they also have red contrast stitches. The integrated headrests include the same embroidered BMW M Motorsport strip and the “CS ” badge on the back.

Although a bit of a character-oriented race, M2 CS is actually just as fancy as a regular m2 when it comes to comfort and luxury features. The standard package includes ambient interior lighting, anthracite headliner, and full navigation system. Tech-wise, it also comes with Dynamic Cruise Control, a Rear View camera with Park Distance Control, and Apple CarPlay compatibility. If you don’t mind covering the awesome Growl from a six-cylinder engine, you can also crank up the standard Harman Kardon sound system.

2021 BMW M2 Engine

Twin-turbocharged Cranks 444 horsepower and 406 pound-foot torque, a rating that makes CS m2 the most powerful 2 Series ever made!

New 2021 BMW M2 Interior

New 2021 BMW M2 Interior
New 2021 BMW M2 Interior

How is it compared to other M2 models? Well, it comes with a whopping 79 horsepower and 37 pound-feet more than the standard M2. Compared to the M2 competition which replaced the latter, assessed on 405 horses and 406 pounds-feet, M2 CS produced an additional 39 horses, while the torque remained unchanged.

Quite impressive, the M2 CS is just as strong as the M4 competition and is only slightly less powerful than the M4 CS. Powered by the same engine, the M4 CS offers 453 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of twist. This puts the CS m2 only nine horsepower and a 37-pound-back foot.

Sure, CS m2 is also faster than the M2 Competition from 0 to 60 mph. Specifically, the M2 CS needs 3.8 seconds to get there when equipped with an optional 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. That’s two tenths faster than the M2 Competition. The standard 6-speed manual gearbox allows CS m2 hitting 60 mph in four seconds flat. It was also two tenths slower than the M2 competition equipped with the same transmission.

The m2 CS Tops out at 174 mph, your speed can also reach with the M2 competition package if you add an optional M driver package. However, the old M2 hits “Just ” 168 mph with the same upgrade.

Extra strength is not the only important detail that puts M2 CS above the siblings. This impressive performance figure is also the result of a wider flat torque curve, electric linear Build-up, and Redline rpm 7,600. CS also benefits from a double exhaust system with electronically-controlled exhaust valves and a first ordered adjustment for differential and suspension.

CS m2 is equipped with an active M locking differential that can vary the locking effect from zero to 100 percent according to the driving situation, the steering angle of the car, the position of the accelerator, brake pressure, engine torque, wheel speed, and yaw rate. By doing this, the differential prevents the wheel from rotating in slippery conditions, increasing agility, avoiding understeer to the corners, and improving the stability of the direction while braking.

Making its debut in the 2 Series, the suspension has three modes, Comfort, Sport, and Sport +, each with a different damper setting. As the name suggests, Comfort mode is designed for everyday use on a variety of road surfaces. This is arguably the most convenient setup for the Coupe. This sport is more appropriate for soul driving on the highway, while Sport + turns the M2 CS into a track engine.

The suspension is also lighter than the usual M2 ‘s, mostly thanks to the front CFRP Brace, which weighs only 3.3 pounds and is forged aluminum sleeves from the back five-link setup. It also includes a lightweight steel subframe on the back. It is direct to the body frame without rubber bushings, it improves the stability of the rear wheels.

The 19-inch wheel is wrapped in a Michelin Cup 2 tire for extra grip. Stopping the power comes from the REM M Compound with a 15.7-inch disc in front and a 15-inch disc in the back, both vented. It is paired with six-piston and four-piston caliper, respectively. Optionally, you can obtain M Carbon ceramic brakes, which are lighter and provide increased thermal endurance and disc wear. M2 CS is the first 2 series available with these options.

2021 BMW M2 Price

The price for BMW m2 CS starts from $83,600. It was a massive increase from M2 competition stickers from $58,900, but BMW fans probably wouldn’t mind the $24,700 premium considering the limited availability of this model. In particular, M2 CS will be constructed for only one model year, and the production will be limited to only 2,200 units.

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