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2025 BMW X5 50e: What’s New?

2025 BMW X5 50e

The 2024 BMW X5 xDrive50e, a plug-in hybrid SUV that operates on a combination of electric power and internal combustion engine, has garnered significant attention within the automotive sector because of its notable combination of performance, efficiency, and luxury.

As we anticipate the year 2025, it is necessary to reexamine the distinguishing characteristics of this particular vehicle.

2025 BMW X5 50e

2025 BMW X5 50e
2025 BMW X5 50e (Render Model)


The X5 xDrive50e has a significantly enhanced internal combustion engine and drive technology, resulting in an impressive power output of 483 horsepower.

The current model, the xDrive45e, has an increase in horsepower of approximately 100 compared to its predecessor.

The car has an enhanced all-electric range of up to 40 miles (or 64 kilometers), rendering it well-suited for short-distance trips and daily commuting.

The fuel efficiency of the car is also remarkable. In comparison to the V8-powered X5, which achieves an approximate combined fuel efficiency of 18 miles per gallon (mpg), the hybrid X5 xDrive50e is projected to provide a much higher fuel efficiency of 50 miles per gallon equivalent (mpge) or 20 mpg combined.

This decision enhances its ecological sustainability while maintaining its power and performance capabilities.

The 2024 X5 xDrive50e is equipped with the latest iteration of eDrive technology, known as the fifth generation.

This advanced technology provides a notable increase of 96 horsepower compared to previous models.

Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a turbocharged inline-six engine and an electric motor, which synergistically generate the previously indicated power output of 483 horsepower.

BMW X5 50e Price

The 2024 BMW X5 50e’s current pricing range is between $73,845 and $93,895. Nevertheless, the pricing can fluctuate based on the dealership and geographical area.

2025 BMW X5 50e Interior

The inside of the X5 xDrive50e exhibits a level of luxury that aligns with the anticipated standards of a BMW vehicle.

The vehicle has ample seating capacity for adults in primary and secondary rows, possibly with an additional third row designated for children.

The cabin’s interior is adorned with premium materials, providing a luxurious aesthetic. Additionally, the cabin is equipped with ample charge ports, facilitating the convenient charging of electronic devices.

Standard features include luxury amenities such as power-adjustable front seats equipped with driver memory functionality, a power-adjustable steering column, heated front seats, a panoramic sunroof, dual-zone automatic climate control, a motorized rear liftgate, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and configurable ambient lighting.

The X5 xDrive50e has a curved digital display that spans a significant portion of the dashboard, providing users convenient access to BMW’s iDrive infotainment interface.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard features, with a wireless smartphone charging pad and a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot.

2025 BMW X5 50e Interior
2025 BMW X5 50e Interior


The X5 xDrive50e has standard driver-assistance systems for safety purposes, like automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition and lane-departure warning. Optional capabilities, such as a hands-free driving mode, of a more advanced nature are available.

The 2025 BMW X5 50e is a plug-in hybrid SUV expected to be released in late 2024. It will significantly upgrade the current model with several new features and improvements.

Here are some of the key new features of the 2025 BMW X5 50e:
  • Powertrain: The X5 50e will be powered by a new plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine with an electric motor. This powertrain is expected to produce 483 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, making it the most powerful X5 50e ever.
  • Battery: The X5 50e will have a larger battery pack with a longer electric range. The EPA estimates that the X5 50e will be able to go up to 40 miles on electric power alone, which is a 10-mile improvement over the current model.
  • Technology: The X5 50e will have advanced features, including a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It will also have a head-up display and a surround-view camera system.
  • Design: The X5 50e will be more aerodynamic than the current model, with a sloping roofline and a revised front fascia. It will also have a unique set of wheels and badging to distinguish it from the gasoline-powered X5 models.

Looking ahead to the forthcoming 2025 model, it is reasonable to think that BMW will continue to build upon the notable attributes of the X5 xDrive50e, augmenting its performance, efficiency, and luxurious qualities.

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