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New 2024 BMW X5 M60i Redesign

2024 BMW X5 M60i

The 2024 BMW X5 M60i is a breakthrough that comes as a replacement for the previous M50i.

This BMW X5 M60i is rumored to use the latest V8 engine, and several other designs will not differ much from the BMW X7 M60i.

2024 BMW X5 M60i

2024 BMW X5 M60i
2024 BMW X5 M60i

As the name implies, the BMW X5 M60i will further make ’60’ a numerical nomenclature in identifying equivalent powered vehicles, namely the S68 V8.

This time the M Performance car that uses BMW’s standard engine will switch to a more efficient M Division engine.

Although BMW knew that developing more than one new V8 during the transition to EVs was not accessible due to lack of support, it still chose to make a new M V8 with Division M money and use it on all of them.

This will still bring the heat to the M Division even though, on the other hand, it will feel more comfortable because of the M Performance.

When discussing the design of the BMW X5 M60i in 2024, you will see a handsome car with an extraordinary interior and exterior.

A more aggressive grille will get the X5 even close to the X6. Some parts will get updates that will undoubtedly improve performance and driving comfort.

This BMW X5 M60i model is expected to be present in 2023 as a 2024 model year. Although BMW has not yet submitted official information about this model, we believe this model will not undergo significant changes from the previous model.

2024 BMW X5 M60i Exterior 

The BMW X5 M60i has a luxurious and handsome exterior look with updated headlights. The latest headlights will be made more modern and slimmer.

Later, the grille was more aggressive than before, which approached the X6 model. If you follow in the footsteps of the previous X5 model, the BMW X5 M60i will use wheels of 20 inches.

2024 BMW X5 M60i Interior 

The interior of the BMW X5 M60i provides enough space for the front passengers and enough room for the rear passengers.

Various advanced technologies accompany the interior of the BMW X5 M60i, but some of the buttons on the center console are a little difficult to learn.

On the other hand, the X5 has a large cargo area and can load large cargo with a power tailgate/liftgate system.

If you bring a water bottle, you can put it on the armrest. In addition, there is also a shallow but deep pocket in front of the shifter equipped with an induction charger, but if you use a cupholder, you will have difficulty reaching the area.

The BMW X5 M60i provides sturdy front seats that can be adjusted, and the rear seats feel soft even though they are flat-designed and don’t have enough support.

Durable leather upholstered seats are also equipped with ventilation and massage, and tight interior panels without gaps are also one of the advantages of this X5.

2024 BMW X5 M60i Interior
2024 BMW X5 M60i Interior

Features and Technologies 

In addition to the impressive interior, the BMW X5 M60i also features a variety of standard features that are interesting and some that you can even add as an option. The technology offered by the latest BMW X5 M60i is also no less advanced than the previous one.

The features and technology include a 16-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, soft-close doors, Apple CarPlay Smartphone Compatibility, infotainment Movement control, and lane-keeping assist.

This model also offers a surround-view camera that shows the view of the vehicle and its surroundings from top to bottom, making parking easier in tight spaces.

Another driver assistance is also available to make it easier for drivers on the way. Such driver assistance includes an automatic parking system, rear traffic warning, and blind spot monitoring.

On the other hand, there is also a professional driving assistance package consisting of adaptive cruise control, collision detection equipped with automatic lane change assistance, and forward cross-traffic alerts.

2024 BMW X5 M60i Performance 

In the upcoming BMW X5 M60i model in 2024, we hope to deliver better performance than before. The X5, one of the fastest non-performance SUVs available, will offer an optional off-road package this year that can better bypass obstacles on dirt roads and trails.

Although the handling and steering are less impressive, the BMW X5 M60i can significantly give a soft and light impression in corners.

This model is an easy-to-drive car, and the gearshifts feel fast and smooth thanks to its eight-speed transmission.

Road noise and wind won’t be too annoying when you’re in the car. However, you still feel it when facing sidewalks and bumps in the cabin.

2024 BMW X5 M60i Engine

The 2024 BMW X5 M60i is expected to get its latest V8 engine – the S68, the same as the engine the BMW X7 acquired.

As the name implies, the M60i this model will, in the future, make the ’60’ the numerical nomenclature that BMW uses to identify equivalent powered vehicles (S68 V8).

BMW has not published any official information regarding this model. But when referring to the previous M50i model, the BMW X5 M60i will be equipped with all-wheel drive.

Previously, BMW’s standard engine was used on M Performance cars, but the engine change to the correct M Division will probably be the most exciting thing this time.

The M60i doesn’t seem to be much different from the M50i, which uses a turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine with power equivalent to 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft. The machine is also paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.


As a multitalented SUV with good performance, the 2024 BMW X5 M60i will certainly invite many fans to come to buy.

But it is undeniable that it is ready to compete with competitors with advantages when entering the market.

Some of the main competitors of the BMW X5 M60i are the Mercedes-Benz GLE, Acura MDX, Volvo XC90, Audi Q7, Lexus RX, and Genesis GV80.

These models have their advantages and disadvantages as well as their respective peculiarities so that the buyer is the one who determines.

2024 BMW X5 M60i Price and Release Date 

After we have laid out various details (as far as we know) about the BMW X5 M60i of 2024, we guess that $103 100 is a suitable price for this model.

While there is no official information yet, we believe it’s a reasonable price for its wide array of features and impressive driving experiences.

As for the release date, we expect this model to be launched in 2023 as the upcoming 2024 model year.

Although it will not undergo significant changes from the previous model, we expect the 2024 BMW X5 M60i to come with better performance, especially in terms of comfort, features, and technology. We believe the M60i will provide a better driving experience.

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