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New 2021 BMW G 310 GS Price, Release Date

2021 BMW G 310 GS Price, Release Date

2021 BMW G 310 GS – BMW G 310 GS promises a pure Rose of joy for everyone. It takes you through an urban forest and allows you to take any challenge with precision and confidence.

With this machine, the adventure doesn’t have to be great to be unforgettable. The important thing is that you experience them every day.

The legend begins with the BMW R1200 GS, which was first produced 15 years ago in Berlin. Due to its off-Road ability and impressive in-road handling, this dual-Purpose bike is powered by Torquey engines.

It comes with a solid suspension setup to easily win the hearts of adventurers – looking for riders worldwide. Here in the Philippines, it comprises 37% of the total sales of local BMW MOTORRAD dealers.

New 2021 BMW G 310 GS Price, Release Date

New 2021 BMW G 310 GS Price, Release Date
New 2021 BMW G 310 GS Price, Release Date

The demand for GS is just becoming larger with the recent introduction of the more powerful R1250 GS. Here’s The dilemma: Everyone now wants GS, but only a few can have it. How many of us can buy a P 1.2-million bike? And that’s just the initial price.

2021 BMW G 310 GS Engine

But BMW has made this improbable dream more accomplished with G310 GS, a smaller, simpler, and more affordable package with the first brand ever sub-500cc offering.

Recently, the BMW dealers handed US RSA Motors the key to a new unit to take a quick spin on the way to the brunch in the secluded yet picturesque Mount Daraitan in Tanay. The trip covers 120km of well-paved roads and stretches of land.

It maintains a ‘ beak ‘ GS signature that many other manufacturers have tried to copy. There is also a humpback-shaped fuel tank similar to that of the larger GS, although it is much smaller in terms of dimensions.

Even windscreens, two-tier seats, luggage racks, and side panels where the BMW badge proudly embossed can be likened to a large GS. It comes closer to checking the G310 GS, however, and the reality begins to sink in.

That said, this small-soul BMW motorcycle still stands out in Marilaque, a region marked for small displacement motorcycles.

Appearing composed and respectable, our convoy of G310 GS units arrived at Tanay to restore order and discipline in the area, which is notorious for overspeeding vehicles and motorcycle accidents.

Asking the owners of a large GS what they think is the best selling point of their bike, I’m sure their answer will be ‘ riding convenience.

More than incredible power, awesome style, incredible handling, and bulletproof builds, it’s the comfort of driving from the R1200 GS and R1250 GS that remain unparalleled compared to other bikes claiming to be an adventure engine.

Unfortunately, when you rate GS Mini against the strongest siblings as far as travel comfort is concerned, it’s like comparing the sky and the Earth.

The infant version does not have the last electronic Adjustable suspension, a large fork, and an impressive shock absorber. Instead, floats on the front fork upside down with additional suspension travels vis-à-vis the BMW G310 R Roadster.

On the sidewalk, the seats of the G310 GS satisfy comfortably even for hours of driving. From congestion in Quezon City to Twisties of Marlique, the trip was easy.

But when we started rolling on the rough stretch of the National Highway Tanay that led to the Daraitan River, there was a sudden change in the mood. I’m starting to miss the extra seat bearing as a bummer and re-absorb the beating of the gravel road.

BMW G 310 GS Specs

The G310 GS is top-heavy. Due to the 32.9-inch high chair, 5 ′ 6 “, I struggled in placing the bike straight up. Fortunately, BMW offers an adjustment kit to lower seats to 32.3 inches or raise them to a towering 33.5 inches.

By riding in a standing-up position, I was able to master gearshifting, though if the brake and the peg gear had been positioned a little lower, it would have made life easier for me.

G310 G, S is powered by a 313cc engine that will persuade you to be cheerful on the occasional road. It has a single-cylinder Mill that packs a simple 34hp and 28Nm torque, this lightweight bike produces little vibration on lower revs, but the shakiness disappears as you take speed.

And I could not more agree with Moto Sapiens contributor Carlo Chungunco’s description of G310 ‘s exhaust note: It sounds very similar to a sewing machine.

2021 BMW G 310 GS Review

2021 BMW G 310 GS Review
2021 BMW G 310 GS Review

Unfortunately, there are no instances when we can push to the highest claimed speed from 150kph due to either traffic or endless Twisties.

Speedo readings mostly live in 60-70kph, while Revs are played in the range of 4000 rpm. Anyway, the road to Mount Daraitan is a newly declared traffic discipline zone, so we all behave by being gentle at the throttle.

The tuning suspension of the G310 GS is a little soft overall, which is understandable for bicycles designed for use on and off-Road.

Under hard braking, a fork of Rp 41mm dives more than expected, but this softness is essential in loading the front end under braking, increasing the traction and making the bike turn sharper. By the way, the front suspension cannot be adjusted, and all you get is a semi-preload behind a single shock.

The big Plus comes in standard ABS, which helps keep the bike straight, upright, and safe as I get off on the steep slopes covered with loose ground and gravel.

The G310 ‘s ABS is not just a regular unit-it is an integral ABS that activates both the front and rear brakes when the brake lever is pressed. If you want to play at ground level by inducing the slide, turn off the ABS via the control buttons on the handlebars.

Riding through Sadistic, the rugged terrain with this little Bimmer reminds me of the solid reputation of the German brand when it comes to quality. However, this bike is manufactured in India.

Meanwhile, the G310 GS leans nicely on the sidewalk and turns impressively in the corners, showcasing balanced handling characteristics. A wide, high-positioning handle contributes to fantastic handling.

Of course, this is downsized. GS has lowered the features. Given that the price is only a quarter that of full-size, Full-Fat GS, it’s normal that you get the basic amenities.

But this does not mean the BMW has binned the principle of producing motorcycle brands that speak very of style, quality, and functionality.

Clusters of simple yet informative LCD instruments provide these qualities, indicating speed, fuel range, revs, gear levels, ABS, and average fuel consumption.

However, there is no temperature meter, just a machine temperature warning light to let you know if the motor is too hot.

In case you could save a little more, there is a ton of original BMW aftermarket accessories that you can buy to spice up your baby GS so that it looks more like an older brother. This includes the top boxes, crash bars, tank bags, side panniers, and even the BMW NAV system MOTORRAD.

The G310 GS, although pint-sized compared to the R1250 counterpart, can be a powerful road weapon. On weekdays, you can go up to the office without worrying about Hell Gridlock. On weekends, you can take it out of town for a bit of adventure on an open dirt road.

2021 BMW G 310 GS Price Starting From $5,795.

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