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New 2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Rumors

New 2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Rumors

New 2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Rumors – The BMW MOTORRAD extends the range in a tour cabinet full of segments with the addition of a specially designed model for comfortable travel. BMW K 1600 Grand America saw the premiere at the world’s largest motorcycle trade show, the EICMA in Milan (7 – 12 November 2017).

The new model combines the highest performance of a 6-cylinder engine with exclusive equipment features that make long-distance rides both comfortable and attractive in the American Highway cruising style, either Solo or by the passenger.

New 2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Rumors

New 2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Rumors
New 2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Rumors

New 2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Rumors

Go further with the K 1600 Grand America. This complete bike tour brings you closer to the road than you ever imagined, without sacrificing pleasure or comfort. Always ready to go the extra mile, the legendary 6-cylinder in-line victory machine with an unparalleled smoothness and impressive power.

2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Features

The design and features are on another level. From the distinctive back windshield with ample space for two passengers, all the way to the top case that is easy to use and backup, there is a modest one about Bagger. Grand America makes the horizon seem infinite – but within reach.

For the 2021 BMW K 1600, Grand America embraces the passion for relaxing, luxury travel on two very wide wheels in the United States. For this purpose, the styling was developed for the concept of the Bagger BMW K 1600 B has been modified and several distinctive features have been added.

In addition to the dynamically extending sidelines that are tilted evenly back, other recognizable features are drip-shaped silhouettes created from the visual links between the high front glass and the lower positioned side casing.

The chrome-plated rear silencer is set parallel to the path that integrates harmoniously in an elegant flowing design. The authentic display of the BMW K 1600 Grand America is rounded with a complete top case with an integrated passenger backrest.

In addition to expanding transportation capacities, BMW Grand America offers significantly improved travel suitability due to the convenience of additional seating for riders and passengers. The Topcase is also an instantly recognizable indication of the vehicle concept developed specifically for extended tours.

With its iconic low slash, this luxurious Bagger tour becomes one with the road. The passenger seats are low, and the upper case is integrated and the backrest makes sharing a wind open road. Integrated into the rear casing, the backlight design helps the bike stand out in the crowd.

No matter how long your dream trip may be, you can expect a dynamic experience with an impressive Bagger 160 horsepower and 129 lb-ft torque. Because when it’s time to return out on the road, Reverse helps make a retreat from the sights and parking spaces of the business.

Regarding the design of the BMW K 1600 Grand America was inspired by the US custom bikes, and this is also reflected in other details on the back. The additional brake lights integrated into the Topcase provide a distinctive rearview. It is also visually aligned with the lamp integrated into the side casing, which serves as the brake light and turns indicator. All lighting is manufactured using an LED unit.

As standard, the new BMW K 1600 Grand America is completed in a robust, elegant color of Blackstorm metallic. Besides the BMW logo, the trim vehicle also bears the designation of the model concerning the type of machine. Also, the high-quality badge is centrally positioned on the fuel tank with the inscription “K 1600 Grand America “.

2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Engine

Power Drive Upreme make a long-distance trip on the new BMW K 1600 Grand America relaxing enjoyment. The latest version of the typical BMW MOTORRAD 6-cylinder engine delivers performance easily in any situation on the road. The compact 6-cylinder engine of its type has an output of 118 kW/160 HP at 7 750 rpm, generating a maximum torque of 175 Nm at 5 250 RPM. In the new BMW Grand America offers not only familiar, apparently, a power reserve that is not exhausting but also characteristic of typical performance.

2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Review

2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Review
2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Review

Based on the principle “The American Way of Riding “, The highest speed is limited to 162 km/h or 101 mph. It takes into account the fact that adjustments with additional fittings on the back-like the ones popular in this vehicle segment-can significantly impact on wheel load distribution, so in terms of riding dynamics, stability and security are guaranteed in all situations.

In addition to the engine, ESA’s dynamic electronically controlled suspension standard also contributes to the highest rising quality of the new BMW Grand America characterized by its dynamic performance, convenience, and stability. In the default settings “Road ” It provides fully automatic damper adaptation, ensuring the highest level of comfort and excellent traction on almost any surface. What is more, the “Cruise ” mode can be activated for a very gentle damper set-up and pronounced comfort.

Reverse assists, as well as standard features, facilitate the new maneuvers of BMW Grand America. It is activated by pressing a button on the left-hand panel of the handlebar. The rider then uses the Start button to arrange the moving bike.

A relaxing seating position available for riders and passengers is a feature that contributes to travel that is not comparable to the comfortable feel offered by the BMW K 1600 Grand America – even during very long distances. This model is equipped as standard with footboards, which allows the rider to adopt a comfortable “foot forward ” posture.

Passengers can also enjoy a comfortable seating position thanks to the low back frame and seat height reduced by 70 millimeters. Footboards are also available for passengers as an optional addition.

The new standard equipment of BMW Grand America also includes a high-quality machine protection Bar, heated grip, heating seat, Cruise Control, and a very high-end windshield glass model. In conjunction with the Trim side, it reaches the long way to the back, ensuring the perfect protection of wind and other adverse weather conditions.

The integrated air DUCTING element also supplies passengers with fresh air as needed. The complete audio system with navigation preparation is another feature on the new BMW K 1600 board as the Grand America standard.

While the selection of optional equipment items available ex-works includes Shift Assistant Pro, an eCall Intelligent emergency call system available in the European market with ConnectedDrive capability, Comfort package, security package, various height seats, and the forged handlebars. The original BMW MOTORRAD accessory Program allows further customization.

2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Price Starting From $25,595

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