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New 2021 BMW M4 Coupe Specs Price

New 2021 BMW M4 Coupe Specs Price

New 2021 BMW M4 Coupe Specs Price – The Next-gen BMW M4 has been ruffled feathers so much before being seen. Most of the criticism to do with the giant Grille was expected to have – we even saw a photograph of what was claimed to be the new M3 that would eventually share the Grille with. BMW saw a preview of Bucktooth with the concept of the 4 Coupe series and had no interest to retreat from the design.

This photo Spy is the first to see the new M4 Coupe, but we will note that the photo of the M4 convertible has appeared before. Just like the shots, BMW has a car (and Grille) well covered. The only clue in the grid size and shape comes from what appears to be the bottom of the passenger side of the front nostril showing through.

New 2021 BMW M4 Coupe Specs Price

New 2021 BMW M4 Coupe Specs Price
New 2021 BMW M4 Coupe Specs Price

We can not say for sure that what we are looking at is part of the grid, but everything until this point shows exactly. Only one side of the black Mesh cover extends downward as well. Maybe it’s meant to dump us off the road, but the more likely scenario is that the machine doesn’t really need a lot of opening to receive the proper cooling.

Side profiles reveal some differences between the old and new generation M4. The shorter window carries a roofline further down, giving this car a slimmer appearance. Camouflage does a great job of disguising the body folds around the door handles of the height – the old cars have muscle lines going most of the way to the sides of the body there.

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This car line is clearer when viewed from the three-quarter rear corner because camouflage blends everything together. Likewise, an aggressive side frame brings the whole car closer to the ground, and the side mirrors emerge as a spec mirror competition with elongated winglets from above.

This particular M4 has a gold caliper, indicating that the carbon-ceramic brake is equipped. The light and back production lights were seen through a whirling camouflage, with both designs following their new BMWs footprint. As we have been spying on the new M3s, this M4 Coupe has a Quad-tipped exhaust and a large exhaler hanging below.

New 2021 BMW M4 Coupe Specs Price

The new M4 is expected to use the new 3.0-liter Twin-Turbo inline-six that we first sampled in X3 M and X4 M. A manual transmission option is promised by BMW, and both rear wheels and all-wheel drives are expected to be offered. The latest news about Timing has the M3 and M4 get started delayed to 2020, with the first shipment going on at 2021. Time to play the waiting game.

2021 BMW M4 Coupe Interior

2021 BMW M4 Coupe Interior
2021 BMW M4 Coupe Interior

Design Generation BMW M4 has become a bit clearer thanks to the first Spy photo from the high-performance Coupe, and also as a teaser for the new 2022 M4 GT3 racing car.

Despite the prototype of the second generation M4 convertible and the 4 Series Coupe and convertible have snapped several times already, this is our first look at the upcoming M4 Coupe.

Compared to the regular 4 Series Coupe, the M4 seems to have a wider wheel arch and side sills, as well as a lower suspension, a smoother boot-lip spoiler, and four Exhaust Tips.

2021 BMW M4 Coupe Engine

The company has confirmed the M4 will use its S68 3.0-liter version of the Twin-Turbo straight-six engine with over 373kW of power, or 500HP in the old money.

Both the M3 and M4 will be available with both Rear-and all-wheel drives, as well as the option of the manual transmission, at least in the overseas key market.

2021 BMW M4 Coupe Release Date

Unfortunately, the new global launch of M3 and M4 has been pushed back to the end of 2020 at the beginning. Just a few hours after we received the Spy photo from the new M4 Coupe, BMW pulled out the racing car teaser of the 2022 M4 GT3.

From the rendering, we can see the M4 GT3 will feature a corner and high-set kidney grilles, very similar to the set that caused such controversy when it debuted at 4 concepts at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The new M4 GT3 will start racing during the 2022 season when new regulations apply, and the car will replace the M6 GT3.

2021 BMW M4 Coupe Price Starting From $103,100

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