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New 2022 BMW I7 Electric Concept, Release Date

New 2022 BMW I7 Electric Concept, Release Date

New 2022 BMW I7 Electric Concept, Release Date – BMW reportedly developed a new i7 electric vehicle. German cars have finally kicked their EV ambitions into high gear by developing zero-emission vehicle killing in multiple market segments. Audi has said it will consider the pure electric version of the next-generation A8 full-size luxury sedan, while Mercedes is already seen testing equivalent to the S-Class without a combustion engine, dubbed the EQS. As for the BMW, this fresh batch of spy shots is strongly suggesting the 7 series will also spawn EV derivatives.

According to the BMW blog, one of the sources in Munich says the big EV can be introduced by 2022. This may not come as a surprise, given that BMW has filed a right to I1 for I9 and iX1 to iX9, but the rights must be extended last year because the car has not been launched yet, the website claims.

New 2022 BMW I7 Electric Concept, Release Date

New 2022 BMW I7 Electric Concept, Release Date
New 2022 BMW I7 Electric Concept, Release Date


New 2022 BMW I7 Electric Concept, Release Date

This is certainly too late in the lifecycle of the model’s current generation 7er, so we strongly believe BMW is preparing for the next iteration of the top lineup to accommodate electric motors and batteries. By taking into account the large sedan that you see here is just a test donkey carrying the body of the current model, it means there’s a lot of work to be done before EV is ready to hit the assembly line.

The i7 seems to be on par with the 7 series of electricity, and the 2022 debutant could actually be the electric version of the 7th Generation series, which is also scheduled to debut around the same time. The word is that BMW engineers work all the time to deliver, and that “Customers will not be disappointed in the range of driving car offers. “

2022 BMW I7 Features

Go with that size, which could i7 feature sets of heavy battery and electric motors that are strong, although the former could manifest in the form of a denser energy storage unit. It seems that BMW is already working on the fifth generation of battery technology, which is backed by research from exploitation in the formula E.

This Spy shot came at the right time as the report from late July focused on the possibility of electricity 7 series dubbed “i7 ” As Intel does with high-end CPUs. The same source followed up on the original report a few months later to mention the hotter I7 with as much as 670 horsepower and larger 120-kWh batteries for well about 360 miles (580 kilometers) based on WLTP.

2022 BMW I7Horsepower

In terms of output, the i7 is a Tip to get around 650 HP, making it one of the most powerful cars to grace the Munich automotive line-up. The i7 will be part of the BMW plan to introduce 25 new electric models, including a dozen fully-electric cars by 2025.

The non-S version of Bavaria’s electric crown jewel is said to boast around 550 HP and a slightly smaller 100-kWh battery, although this range is believed to be the same. Both are said to use a dual electric motor allowing the all-wheel-drive layout and fast charging system features, perhaps through an 800V architecture in the same vein as that of the Porsche done with Taycan.

The current generation 7 series will probably be replaced by new models in a few years, and assuming the electric counterpart will come out at a later date, it means i7 will not be released before 2022 at the beginning.

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