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New 2022 BMW M5 Review Exterior Interior

New 2022 BMW M5 Review Exterior Interior

New 2022 BMW M5 Review Exterior Interior – The BMW 5-Series has been rumored for some time and still remains a few years away from production. But British Car magazine has managed to learn a few bits of info about the upcoming electric 5-Series, including the M5 battery-electric variant.

BMWs leaked like water through a sieve today and leaked new photos of the 2022 2-Series coupe and new iX3 crossover hit the internet this week. And now BMW has had another new model slip out before its official debut: the 2022 5-Series.

New 2022 BMW M5 Review Exterior Interior

New 2022 BMW M5 Review Exterior Interior
New 2022 BMW M5 Review Exterior Interior

When the current G30 5-Series generation was released it didn’t look very different from the car that came before it. Fun fact: BMW calls mid-cycle update “Life Cycle Impulses”.

We’ll stick with the term facelift, though, and it looks like the facelift done to the upcoming Series 5 exterior brings the model style much more in line with the current series 3. Seen here in the guise of a petrol-electric hybrid 530e, this fresh 5-Series is seen wearing the front bumper of an M-Sport package and a fresh set of multi-spoke wheels.

Starting with the M5, as it is a more attractive version and another one relevant to fans, the next-gen model will reportedly be offered as a plug-in hybrid and also as a battery-electric vehicle. So the buyer will reportedly have two M5s to choose from.

2022 BMW M5 Powertrain

The result in the case of the PHEV M5 version, which is expected to use the same powertrain as found in the upcoming X8 M, will be about 750 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque belonging to the V8 gasoline engine paired with an electric motor sending power to all four wheels. If this sounds like a lot of power for a relatively simple sized sedan, it’s because of it, but it’s unlikely to serve the kind of performance that the battery-electric version will offer.

Missing from the design of the car is every hint of four circular headlights. Instead, the model adopts a “double hockey stick” during the day running lights. Keep in mind, this is a European specification car leak, which means there may be some changes separating this model from the North American specification model.

One thing that probably won’t change is the updated grid size 5. That’s good because unlike other Bimmers, the facelifted 5-Series grille looks about the same size as the one affixed to the current car. Maybe BMW listened to our complaints.

2022 BMW M5 Features

BMW has been seen road-testing using the current generation platform – it will feature one 250-kW electric motor driving the front wheels and two 250-kW motors driving rear wheels. The result, according to Car, will be an output of about 1,000 hp, which will allow it to explode from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

If this sounds exactly ludicrous, that’s what BMW is aiming for: Besting Tesla’s Ludicrous mode, which has become an effective selling point. The car magazine notes that BMW now feels like it has fallen behind when it comes to electrification and semi-autonomous systems, and now believes it should play catch up.

2022 BMW M5 Interior

2022 BMW M5 Interior
2022 BMW M5 Interior

The New 5-er also has fresh backlights and may get an update to its cabin, too. Updates to infotainment settings, some new technology, and possibly powertrain and suspension updates are all on the table for mid-size BMW sedans. We won’t know for sure until BMW takes the wraps off in full, though. Until then you can look at these photos and decide for yourself whether you like the new look of the car or not.

Also noted is that the recently discontinued successor i8 has been canceled, despite being previewed by the show car not long ago.

The culprits at the time were cited as development costs as well as the coronavirus pandemic, but we suspect that previous i8 sales also gave BMW some food for thought: There was only so much demand for BMW’s sleek two-door hybrid, which in the first generation might seem futuristic but was never treated as a serious performance car.

At a time when BMW is arguably not in front of the pack when it comes to battery-electric vehicles if we take a quick survey, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz, among others, developing the next generation i8 is starting to seem like a waste, especially considering how many BMW units can be sold realistically per year.

The focus on the battery-electric 5-Series, basically, looks much more promising and much more applicable to other body styles in BMW’s current range.

Speaking of range, the upcoming M5 battery-electric is quoted as being able to offer 435 miles in a slightly optimistic WLTP cycle when it goes on sale, although there should be some smaller battery options as well for those who don’t want to pay for a battery that big. That’s pretty much the range for today whether in the WLTP cycle or not, and that should still be a lot for 2023 when the model is expected to land.

The 7-Series will also have its own electric version with the next redesign, which is also right around the corner. The electric 7-Series is expected to be marketed in the same year as the 2024 model.

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