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New 2023 BMW 3 Series Electric Release Date

New 2023 BMW 3 Series Electric Release Date

New 2023 BMW 3 Series Electric Release Date – The prototype of the trial-spied BMW 3 Series electric car features a design very similar to the conventional BMW 3 Series. Elements such as LED taillamps, outer rearview mirrors with integrated LED turn signals, sloping roofs, sharp boot caps, remind us of regular Series 3 sedans.

visual changes that the company has implemented in the electric version salon. This aesthetic update is hidden behind camouflage stickers.

New 2023 BMW 3 Series Electric Release Date

New 2023 BMW 3 Series Electric Release Date
New 2023 BMW 3 Series Electric Release Date


2023 BMW 3 Series Concept

BMW did show the concept of the i4 recently. It looks positively stunning in copper paint and should enter production soon, boasting some impressive specs. However, you all know that German manufacturers like to compete in every small niche possible.

This is a mandatory ‘Electric Test Vehicle’ camouflage sticker that tells us that the prototype was, indeed, from an electric vehicle. It can be seen in the spy image that the rear bumper has no pieces for the exhaust system. This further confirms the fact that this is an electric car.

This may seem ridiculous, but Series 3 will also have a fully electric version. We don’t yet know what’s called, but we might be dealing with the i3. Yes, it’s the same name as a failed small-town car that you might want to forget.

Automakers seem to have a naming convention here. They revealed an electric version of the X3 recently, and it’s called the iX3. Meanwhile, the i4 may look like a unique engine in concept form, but the production model will probably share parts with the Series 4 Gran Coupe.

Similarly, the front end of the prototype BMW 3 Series electric car has a cleaner look and will likely have a closed kidney grille as there is no need to channel air into the engine bay. Just like the electric BMW 3 Series exterior, the interior also tends to be similar to the regular BMW 3 Series.

2023 BMW 3 Series Specs

In addition, some elements suggest we are dealing with EV. For example, even the 330e hybrid plug-in has visible exhaust tips, but it’s not. The under-floor battery also slightly pushes the door up.

We expect the i3 to feature only a few cosmetic changes, such as blue bumper accents and a blocked kidney grille. The interior will be almost the same, and it doesn’t really matter.

the car may have a 282 horsepower e-motor on the back, similar to the iX3, drawing energy from the 74 kWh battery pack. The range should be about the same as the SUV, which boasts 273 miles (440 km) in the WLTP test cycle.

While BMW has not released official information regarding the electric 3 series, it is anticipated that the EV will borrow an electric powertrain from BMW’s upcoming iX3 electric crossover. BMW previously announced its goal to have 25 electric cars across its product line-up by 2023 and it appears the electric BMW 3 Series will be one of them.

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