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2021 BMW M240i Convertible and Gran Coupe Rumors

2021 BMW M240i Convertible and Gran Coupe Rumors

2021 BMW M240i Convertible and Gran Coupe Rumors – The future of the 2021 BMW Series 2 range is quite complicated, to put it a bit. The Convertible is canceled and the product lineup is divided. While the Coupe Series 2 will retain the rear-wheel architecture of the drive, which recently launched the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe moved to the front-wheel-drive platform.

But the second generation of the Active Tourer 2 series will also send power to the front wheels. However, this is just part of Saga series 2. At the end of 2018, we learned that the BMW 2021 series 2 Coupe is most likely no longer going to be made in one of the European BMW factories for the US market. There is a high probability that 2 Series Coupe will be made at the new San Luis Potosi factory in Mexico, on the same assembly line as the G20 series.

2021 BMW M240i Convertible and Gran Coupe Rumors

2021 BMW M240i Convertible and Gran Coupe Rumors
2021 BMW M240i Convertible and Gran Coupe Rumors


2021 BMW M240i Convertible and Gran Coupe Rumors

Of course, BMW hasn’t confirmed this rumor, but this week, some new evidence arises. Panjiva, a platform focused on Supply Chain Intelligence, reveals some of the first landing cargo shipments in the United States. The U.S. custom Manifest lists several assembly lines for the car section for the G42 and G87 BMW platforms. For those of you unfamiliar with the code name, G42 is reserved for the BMW 2021 series 2 while G87 is the name of the next-generation M2 platform.

Despite the cost of more than $10,000 more than 230i, we wholeheartedly recommend the M240i Ballsier model. The turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six brings great power to the smallest of BMW and this engine chassis is truly viable. To help justify the increase in costs, M240i is also equipped with more standardized equipment, including 10-Way adjustable front seat, adaptive suspension, racier exterior style elements, sunroof power, and adaptive cruise control.

2021 BMW M240i Engine

You can not go wrong with any of the machines in the 2-Series. It gets bonus points to offer manual transmissions with both machines in addition to the well-coordinated eight-speed automatic transmission. The 230i 248-HP turbocharged four-cylinder always calls, responds quickly to your right foot with little or no Turbo lag. The M240i is another story, and a lightning-fast one: The turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six singing mechanical ARIA due to a small Coupe rocket for 60 mph in 4.3 seconds. The 2-series grip is self-confident, partly thanks to the fast, accurate and robust steering response, capable of chassis.

The ride on the sidewalk is not uneven generally good, and passengers are isolated from most of the bumps by a powerful suspension controlled. More than joint expansion, however, a 2-series passenger rocks as if they were on a Penny-Pony journey. An adaptive suspension with a customized standard shock in M240i, and that, plus the summer tires are gripping, giving this car a seriously responsive handling capability.

Arguably, this is not the definitive evidence that BMW is planning to plan 2 Series and M2 production in Mexico, but it makes sense from the manufacturing perspective. Both the 2021 BMW 2 and M2 series are next built on the CLAR architecture, just like the G20 3 Series, so having them on the same line will offer greater flexibility.

It would also make sense as the trade war that we are experiencing today is probably making it more profitable for BMW to assemble 2 series in America rather than the EU, especially when it comes to the US market.

Lastly, but not most important, is the fact that San Luis Potosi’s new crop is considered one of the most technologically advanced BMW manufacturing facilities. It is also the most efficient plant in the BMW portfolio. The site, with the lowest water consumption production network per vehicle produced, will be BMW Group’s first Cat shop to produce no wastewater processes at all. The water required for the painting process is reconditioned and reused.

With this powerful and fun engine, it will not be surprising if the 2-Series is not very fuel-efficient, but the opposite is true: it’s one of the more thrifty cars in this segment. Our 230i All-wheel-drive tested at 200 miles we test highway routes outperform EPA rankings during our highway test, but so are every other car we tested. At 35 mpg, the 2-Series is still one of the most efficient in its class, and a relatively sparingly street Cruiser for the high-performance Coupe.

2021 BMW M240i Interior

2021 BMW M240i Interior
2021 BMW M240i Interior

The Interior of 2-Series is where it turns out great to be just good. The CAB is well-designed, with adequate space for front-seat passengers and a comfortable standard front Bucket. The legroom in the back, however, was so narrow that adults would have a hard time riding back there long. Easy gauge and simple instrument panels talk to the sporty intention of this car, but some interior materials are not inspired by cars in this price range.

The 2-series has a relatively large stem for a compact sedan, but the rear area-small seats do not leave much space for additional cargo when the rearrest is folded flat. What’s more, the Cubby-Storage space is lacking, and the center-the little bin consoles. We were forced to store our effects in the center-console-Mount holders during our time by car, a solution that only works as long as you can avoid Starbucks drive-through.

2021 BMW M240i Safety Features

The 2-series received a solid rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety but has not been tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Each model also has a standard driver assistance technology. Key safety features include:

  • Standard collision forward warnings and automatic emergency braking
  • Standard front and rear parking sensors
  • Standard Lane-Departure warning

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