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2021 BMW X6M Release Date, Get 600 Horsepower

2021 BMW X6M Release Date, Get 600 Horsepower

2021 BMW X6M Release Date, Get 600 Horsepower – We’re talking about the next generation of X6 M likely to come out at some point next year considering the usual X6 has not even been revealed yet. The third installment of the Coupe-SUV strangeness is expected to debut possibly before the end of the year and top out while with the M50i X6 with the same engine as the recently launched X5 M50i and X7 M50i.

It’s almost four months since our last caught BMW high-performance X6 M out and about. The previous apparition suggests the Coupe-SUV wears many of the same camouflage, but it enjoys a warmer climate clearly. Like many cars this time of year, testing has moved north. More importantly to us, outside eye photographers are moving closer to animals than ever before, giving us a remarkable look inside a greenhouse with a key piece of the dashboard fully exposed.

2021 BMW X6M Release Date, Get 600 Horsepower

2021 BMW X6M Release Date, Get 600 Horsepower
2021 BMW X6M Release Date, Get 600 Horsepower


2021 BMW X6M Specs

The “M50i ” SUV already has a healthy 523 horsepower, but full-fat M version X5 and X6 will have 600 HP in the guise standard and 617 HP in the competition-spec. For the record, there may even be a five M SUV farther in the line as the X5 M and X6 M together with The newly released X3 M and X4 M can join the X7 M.

There must be some similarities in the layout with the current X6. The touchscreen is floating in the middle stack with air-con ventilation and additional control below is an intimate pattern, but the redesign creates some harder edges for better symmetry.

Some manual controls also move upwards, placed directly under ventilation rather than low-clustered. The center screen is also larger, and the cluster instrument looks to be a completely digital affair. The dashboard is also redesigned to better combine two displays. And if there is any doubt about this being an M model, take a close look at the exposed shifter.

Getting back to the prototype at hand seems to have a body of production and end lights, not to mention the Quad Hoarseny exhaust and the rigid suspension setup. It still feels a bit odd to see the big and heavy SUV tackling the various challenging angles of Nordschleife, but that’s where almost all European cars go into temporary testing of future products. BMW is testing there everything from 1 series all the way up to the Reborn 8er, and even placing 2 series of Active Tourer and Gran Tourer minivans through their move back in the day.

MPVs will not live to see another generation whereas the X6 will definitely be renewed in today’s SUV obsessed market. It will do the battle once again with the Mercedes GLE Coupe, but also with other models such as the Audi T8, Porsche Cayenne Coupe, and Lamborghini more expensive marriages. Ingolstadt’s Coupe-SUV is set to receive a fully-fledged version of RS later this year which will attempt to attract some X6 M customers.

There is nothing newer to get from the exterior images, but we were treated to some incredible close-ups. M Edition will obviously be tweaked fascias front and back versus standard models, and you can expect a darker abundance of trim to replace the chrome accent. That is especially true with the kidney Grille in front, which should give this great man a very creepy movers appearance.

2021 BMW X6M Release Date, Get 600 Horsepower

Fortunately, it must have the firepower to support that look. We expect to see at least 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) under the hood, courtesy of the Twin-Turbo 4.4-liter V8 that will send power to all four wheels. The paddle-spying steering wheel tells us it will likely use a dual-clutch gearbox that can handle COG swap itself, or manually at the driver’s discretion.

We are still waiting to see the latest version of the standard X6, so while the camouflage on this prototype is right thin, it could be a few months yet until we variant M-badged at the public stage. It will probably appear later this year or early next year as the 2021 model.

 2020 BMW X6M

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