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2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i Price, Release Date

2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i

2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i  – The BMW X1 Xdrive28i will come as the best SUV with a luxurious impression look. It is a crossover SUV that is very popular with an elegant look, comfortable interior, and high performance.

From generation to generation, the BMW X1 2022 will appear many updates, especially on models and displays, to make it more attractive.

2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i

2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i
2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i

A high-end interior with optional EV trim and various details will be given to the interior design.

With the increase of powertrain, then the ukl2 platform is the source of series 2. Also, from the larger shape of the previous series with a design that is so attractive for this type of SUV BMW series.

2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i Exterior

For existing and prominent features on the 18-inch alloy wheels with sDriver28i quality. There are two variants available for this BMW X1 SUV and the xDriver28i part wheel drive.

With the support of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Even the presence of a turbocharger can provide a boost of up to 228 hp with 258 lb-ft of torque, where an automatic transmission matches the engine with eight accelerations.

The outside of the wheel also gives a sporty impression on this BMW X1 to look charming and very attractive. Like a folding mirror, the exterior rearview mirror with a panoramic sunroof.

It certainly gives itself luxury and makes this X1 sDrive28i stand out even more. With the features of LED lights so dashing.

On the side also looks more extensive and very fierce for this type of SUV. For a firmer line, wider-looking glass also gives the impression that this BMW X1 car looks excellent, even so dashing.

Putting forward the various sensors on each exterior indicates that this BMW is so sophisticated.

The presence of a chunky-looking rear bumper with a dual exhaust model comes as a carryover model. Also, in the light, the BMW X1 is so sharp, coupled with the presence of a high vendor beacon.

The exterior with selected colors that will give a charming impression also affects the look of BMW, such as the rearview mirror that will be adjusted to the body color.

2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i Interior

Not only the exterior design that accentuates luxury, but also the interior that looks comfortable. To produce comfort and safety at the wheel, also a luxurious look on the passenger side.

It is undoubtedly fascinating to see what the totality design of the seat of soft leather looks like.
The door, dashboard, and others are very soft to the touch and so elegant from the inside.

The luxury of this PART OF THE BMW X1 is also reflected in its highly sophisticated internal control buttons. Everything is set automatically, so this X1 xDriver28i comes as the most comfortable and charming SUV car.

The front multimedia part is also a very sophisticated screen for sharp image display. The reminder sensor embedded in the previous 50-meter drive is a plus for BMW.

In the 330i series, there is also such sophistication, even very helpful to the driver when wanting to control the road that was passed before.

For the display at the back, passengers can sit comfortably, especially the presence of this sunroof helps the natural impression.

It can be opened and closed quickly, increasingly give the impression of luxury on this BMW X1 SUV. The new-look on the switchgear as well as ventilation for the latest design from BMW.

2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i Interior
2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i Interior

BMW X1 Xdrive28i Technology

Steering control with anti-slip security, even easy-to-control stir up and down. Also, control stir spin is easy to drive this increasingly provides a sense of comfort that is also safe at the BMW X1. For parking sensors and other navigation buttons help to stay safe even controlled automatically.

Sophistication remains the number one on this BMW X1 SUV to provide convenience and a luxurious impression.

In a visible appearance, from the outside, even this vast inside and some automatic buttons. Surely it will give the grandeur and perfect look of the BMW X1 xdrive28i 2022 later.

2022 BMW X1 Competition

Mercedes Benz GLA

The Mercedes-Benz GLA is an attractive subcompact luxury SUV but appears relatively short compared to BMW.

The basic variants of Mercedes-Benz deliver less impressive performance. They have smaller touchscreens (about 2 inches) and about eight cubic feet less overall cargo space – all for about $800 more than BMW.

None of these are their significant differences, but together, they show that while GLA is a good choice, the X1 is better.

Audi Q3

The next X1 rival is the Audi Q3. Audi looks and feels more luxurious than BMW and has more standard features, such as leather seats.

It comes with Android Auto, which you won’t find on the X1. On the other hand, BMW has sharper handling and more cargo space. Both German SUVs are great crossovers, and there’s no wrong choice between the two.

2022 BMW X1 Xdrive28i Price and Release Date

Prices for the all-new BMW X1 will probably start at $35,000 (according to the current car price), although you can expect to pay a premium for the hybrid plugin and/or all-wheel-drive option. BMW has not revealed a release date but could reach showrooms by 2022.

2021 BMW X1 Review

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