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New 2024 BMW X3 Electric Rumors

2024 BMW X3

2024 BMW X3 – BMW is preparing to release its flexible car architecture for the sake of a dedicated EV platform. And they even have a name that works for it “Neue Klasse.”

But the details are still scarce, and while we are still waiting for another official announcement, we can dig up some more information.

2024 BMW X3

2024 BMW X3
2024 BMW X3

The first model to use the architecture of a new electric car may be the next generation BMW X3.

And that certainly makes sense considering the X3 medium size crossover launched in 2018 and is now preparing for its facelift. Production is likely to end sometime in 2024, just in time for a new platform.

The current BMW iX3 is more of a compromise, and among such platforms, and certainly does not attract many markets given the lack of all-wheel drive and great electric range.

Therefore, the new iX3 with significant protrusions in driving distance, all-wheel drive, and freedom in design, is a much more attractive product.

Neues Klasse will also launch a sixth-generation BMW eDrive with significantly increased energy density inside the cell.

Electric motors are also an essential part of BMW eDrive technology. So, in addition to more power, it is expected that there will be further efficiency improvements.

Next-stage technology should offer more range in more compact packages along with faster charging. To that end, solid-state batteries seem like the next logical step forward, but we’re still very far from seeing this kind of technology available.

However, BMW engineers are already working on this goal. Their main goal is to create the first functional prototype by 2025, which will showcase the possibilities offered by solid-state batteries.

There is no doubt that BMW had a massive advantage over the BMW I division in 2010. The Bavarians were at the forefront of the electric car revolution, but unfortunately, some of the missed moves have left them lagging in terms of products.

Now, the bosses in Munich are willing to erode their previous architectural efforts and focus only on what the market is asking for: a dedicated electric vehicle platform with a car that has a unique design and no compromises in terms of technology and packaging.

2022 BMW X3

2022 BMW X3
2022 BMW X3

The BMW X3 has now been on sale since the 2018 model year, and in tradition, BMW will be given a mid-cycle update for 2022. A prototype for the updated X3 has just been spotted, revealing some of the style changes pegged to the small crossover.

The X3 is one of the most popular models in BMW’s lineup, with sales in the United States approaching 60,000 units last year, despite the pandemic being close to total sales when the current X3 was first launched. As a result, rely on BMW to keep this updated light.

The spy shot hints at a revised front and rear fascia, slimmer headlights, and a new internal for the rear lights. It looks like the gril’s going to grow a little bit too.

Some changes in it are also planned. But, unfortunately, all we know is coming is a new infotainment screen.

It is unclear what powertrain changes are planned. However, we could see more power added to the 2.0 and 3.0-liter engine options and perhaps more range added to the plug-in hybrid.

However, the iX3 electric battery is just launched, so don’t expect the powertrain to tweak it in a big way.

Look for the updated X3 to go on sale later this year or in early 2022. Similar updates will also be shown on the X3 M and related X4.

BMW is in the process of updating or redesigning a number of its core models to help differentiate their styles. The transition begins with the arrival of Series 4 2021.

In addition, prototypes for the redesigned X1, Series 2, and Series 7 and the highly updated X7 are also tested.

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