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New 2021 BMW R18 Concept, Release Date, Price

New 2021 BMW R18 Concept, Release Date, Price

New 2021 BMW R18 Concept, Release Date, Price – The new 2021 R 18 calls the history and excellence of the iconic BMW brand. The result: A true BMW cruise ship full of characters, around the biggest displacement boxer engine we’ve ever built and features a timeless design, such as a white double striping on the R 18 First Edition.

2021 R18 engines look great because it’s big! How does 1802cc sound? According to BMW, the power output overrides the engine size. The biggest displacement BMW has made in the 97 year making golfers pump out claimed 91 HP at 4,750 rpm and 116 lb-ft torque at 3,000 RPM. While torque peaks are very impressive, torque-generated waves of the engine, with more than 110 lb-ft available from 2000-4000 rpm, must make the yacht fan happy.

New 2021 BMW R18 Concept, Release Date, Price

New 2021 BMW R18 Concept, Release Date, Price
New 2021 BMW R18 Concept, Release Date, Price

German engineers are not usually known for their sense of humor, but on full screen in the choice of ride modes is available. While we all know what the rain mode will be from a previous Ride-by-Wire motorcycle, roll, and Rock that is new but still somewhat self-explanatory.

Clean, low-key, and earthy, the R 18 thundered into the SCENE with a classic look tied to attracting a retro crowd. There is a certain power that can be found in its simplicity, and feel creepy from home-Custom Blackout, and this bike displays well in a shovel.

Old-School goods start straight from the gates on the big-leed wheels and blackout treatments on both the rims and hubs. A lightweight Fender front sleigh rides between fork-blackout sliders and inner fork tubes are hidden by full-length blackout beer-can skirts.

The front light of Cyclops continues with a retro theme, but the plant draws a line on the outer shape as all the lights on this machine are LED to maximize visibility, although the city and backlights are actually quite minimal in size.

The modern 4-valve head is still operated by Pushrods enabled by the double camshafts, which are chain-driven from the crankshaft. The camera is positioned on top of the Crankshaft on both sides of the engine, shorter pushrods, which reduce mass move, reduce deflection, and minimize the linear expansion of pushrods when they are hot. The end result is increased control of valve time.

Although BMW calls it “self-strengthening clutch anti-hopping, ” The job description is quite obvious. The Big Twins-Boxers included-produce outstanding compression-style braking, and flip sandals will eliminate the rear wheels skipping during a sloppy Downshift.

One option of the factory is an adaptive rotating light that throws lumens into the corner to enhance safety and confidence at night. Too bad it’s not stock, but there’s always a chance it will filter next year right?

A single round analog speedometer rises upwards with a digital display that delivers other related metrics and acts as a rider interface for the travel control system. “Berlin built ” is proudly displayed at the bottom of the clock. The mid-rise handlebars are pulled back into a position that is like tiller to place your hand in a neutral position and accentuate a long-and-low line that dominates the display.

In the profile, Teardrop fuel tanks Follow the fall of the backbone, so the fly line flow directly down to the triangle, Swapna-Esque Swingarm which dates the overall suspension, or lack thereof, back to the mid-1930s.

A textured Solo chair comes in stock, but if you Pony up at the cashier you can score a Solo-old school saddle or accommodation for passengers, whichever you In the back, Fender rear weight control throws the rear wheel and mounts a small LED backlight and changes the signal to finish the tooth behind.

2021 BMW R18 Specs

2021 BMW R18 Specs
2021 BMW R18 Specs

2021 BMW R18 Suspension

BMW has avoided luxury electronically controlled-component suspension for more traditional analog pieces. The 49mm standard fork hides a smooth slider under a blanket that is painted black like a lowered fork. The Rear hardtail-view suspension has a one-off controlled linkage hidden inside the frame. The front and back trips are 4.7 in. and 3.5 in., respectively.

BMW R18 Wire-spoked Wheels

The R18’s wheels come with a centralized-linked radius, meaning (we guess) that the tires will have a tube. 19-in wheels. The Front will exercise either 120/70 R 19 or 120/70 B 19, thanks to some tire suppliers. 180/65 Rear B 16 will mount to 5.0 x 16-in. Rim.


BMW knows the way around the shaft of the motorcycle driver. So, we weren’t surprised about the final drive option. However, there is something very interesting about seeing a rotating Chrome Drive Shaft under the seat of cruisers. This has been done before, but it doesn’t make it less cool.

BMW R18 Disc brakes

Being a performance-focused manufacturer, BMW naturally puts a 300mm dual disc, squeezed by a four-piston fixed caliper on the front. One-disc/Caliper combination of the same 300mm disks and four-piston various live returns. ABS adjusts braking force, front, and rear, to balance load distribution when triggered.


Double-Loop, steel-pipe frame on a double R 18 downtube Sport and Cradle is full so the machine is fully supported and sustained against the pressure it generates. On the steering head, we find another factor that is long, the custom display of R 18 in a sweeping angle of 32.7 degrees. It also has a 5.9-inch trail to provide a lot of stability and confident tracking, even at a speed.

Right-Way-up, 49 mm front fork, and cantilever shock out share the spring-preload adjustment, but it’s the only suspension tweak that will have on the stock machine. Travel suspension is 4.7 inches and 3.5 inches long on the front and back, respectively, which is about the right to the Cruiser Laik Road.

All-around, 300 mm brake discs work with dual-caliber front and Beemer itself features ABS switchable as the first real safety feature to be found. A low-chair, Mid-Mount leg control, and tiller style handlebars define a relaxed Raider triangle beneath the street but leave the rider with a lot of leverage for confident footrest at the stop and in the parking lot. If you’re springtime for some optional equipment you can add Hill-Start features and even reverse function to the ultimate in die-slow control.

R18 Lights

In a nodding tradition, the lamp is a classic round housing. However, the app is fully modern. The lamp itself is an LED unit. In-factory swivel lights are available as an option and are supported by separate LEDs with their own reflectors that are triggered by a lean motorcycle angle.

Equestrian position

While not always a typical leg-forward Cruiser ride position, R18 has a Mid-Mount peg to offer an ideal compromise between a relaxed riding position and one for a more enthusiastic pace. The chair is a comfortable 27.2 entry. From the sidewalk.

2021 BMW R18 Engine

2021 BMW R18 Engine
2021 BMW R18 Engine


Pretty cool so far, but the heartbeat at R 18 is still stealing the show. This is the second-largest and most powerful boxers-twin engine that ever went in the production of BMW motorcycles with a staggering 116 pound-foot torque anywhere after 3,000 RPM and 91 horsepower in 4,750 with Redline 5,750 RPM.

R 18 is air and oil-cooled to handle heat waste. A 107.1 mm bore and 100 mm stroke give it a 1,802 CC displacement with a relatively light, 9.6-to-1 compression ratio, so you can get away with a Mid-Grade push-O-line.

An old school pushrod valvetrain actuates the A quartet over-head poppets in each of the two heads, and a pair of 48 mm throttle body provides an induction control. Here we find some electronics security in ASC (traction control) and MSR (drag-torque mitigation).

Both of these systems are under the control of the Ride mode feature which offers a Trio of profiles “Rain, Rock, and Roll ” which mix and match the level of intervention of both systems for rapid setup changes.

A Single-disc pair clutch dry power machine for a six-speed transmission with a drive shaft to bring power to the rear wheels. In a strange move to Beemer, the drive shaft is left open, and I guess it was made required by the swing-back enclosure end.

2021 BMW R18 Price

The exclusive first edition R18 will be available worldwide at the launch of the model, featuring detailed classic black paint with white pinstripes, chrome upgrades, Chair badges, and the first Chrome edition clasp next to the cover. The US price for the first edition will be $19,870. The base model will also be available in certain markets. In the US, the MSRP will be $17,495.


In the US market, a competitor that would obviously be Harley-Davidson, so I grabbed one of the newer models in Low Rider S.

2021 BMW R18 cruiser

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