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Next-Gen BMW M2 Competition: Will It Come Back In 2024?

2024 BMW M2 Competition

The New BMW M2 may have just been launched, but there is already talk of a more powerful M2 Competition, which may already be in the works for 2024.

According to a report with a track record of reporting accurate leaks from Bavarian companies, the M2 will remain in production until 2029.

2024 BMW M2 Competition

2024 BMW M2 Competition
2024 BMW M2 Competition

However, if the report is to be believed, the 453 hp G87 we just made introduced may not be long for this world under its current cover.

According to leakers, the standard M2 can be replaced by the Competition version as soon as 2024. In the past, BMW introduced the Competition badge as a mid-aged update, but some say 2024 will be too early for an update.

Perhaps more likely is that both models will be offered simultaneously, with the base M2 eventually playing the dual role in the higher Competition of the M2, which reportedly may have power up to 480 hp – enough to interfere with the standard M4.

While the M2 Competition will likely retain the car’s rear-wheel drive setup, whether it will feature a manual gearbox option remains a mystery.

The standard 2023 BMW M2 has the same 3.0 turbocharged S58 engine found on the M4/M3 and produces 453 hp (343 kW / 459 PS) and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of torque.

Engineers refused the desire to equip it with all-wheel drive instead of maintaining the rear-wheel drive layout centered on the driver.

2024 BMW M2
2024 BMW M2

While an automatic eight-speed torque converter is an option, a six-speed manual is standard, although some fractions of a second slower to 60 mph (96 km/h).

According to other sources, there is no BMW M2 G87 competition scheduled. In contrast, the date of August 2024 is likely to only bring changes to the power output of the standard G87 M2.

That might come with an early mid-cycle LCI facelift or maybe just a planned power update to stay in line with the LCI M3 and M4. But do not expect a significant protrusion of strength.

The BMW M2 doesn’t seem to need a power bump. Its current 453 horsepower is more than enough to make it fast, and its short wheelbase means that more power might make it a little prickly.

However, it is not much shorter than the current M4 and is barely lighter. So bumping it to close to 500 horsepower might not be a bad idea.

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